About Kimberley

"The dream was always running ahead of me. To catch up, to live for a moment in unison with it, that was the miracle."  -Anais Nin

 Welcome to Kimberley Spencer Photography 

"With a love of all wildlife, animals, and of course horses for as long as I can remember, it seems a career in photographing the majesty of the horse was a natural progression. There is something grounding and spiritually magical, to engulf yourself in the silence of the high desert where you can see for miles and miles and miles, taking in the fresh mountain air and marvelling at the scenery. It's just you and nature....until a dust cloud appears and the sound of thundering hooves snaps you out of your daydream. The ground rumbles beneath your feet, the dust swirls and then finally parts, as they emerge at the watering hole. This is the wild west, and what you have been waiting for has finally arrived. 

Documenting the behaviours of the wild horses or the wild-ness in our domestic partners,  I feel is the highlight of my photography.  From the Banks Of North Carolina's eastern shores to Australia's Snowy Mountains and everything in between. I am in search of capturing the horses inimitable spirit.

My hope is that you can enjoy here, what I have enjoyed through the lens of the camera and that the images might evoke in you peaceful emotions, strength and freedom, or just plain happiness."